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Etymotic History

Etymotic (meaning: true to the ear) is an engineering-driven research, development and manufacturing company. Mead Killion, Ph.D. founded Etymotic along with Edwin DeVilbiss, MBA. in 1983 to design research instruments that accurately detect and assess hearing loss. 
With deep roots in acoustic research and the hearing aid industry, Etymotic invented insert earphones in 1984. The first versions were used for diagnostic testing and precision auditory research (ER-1, 2, 3). Etymotic engineer, Steve Iseberg, produced the first noise-isolating high-fidelity in-ear earphone using balanced armature drivers, the ER-4 (1991), which became the basis of all subsequent in-ear earphones and in-ear monitors worldwide. Thus creating an entire category of consumer electronics, and established these speakers as the gold standard for high definition in-ear earphones. The ER-4 earphones are still produced and channel-balanced to within 1 dB in Etymotic’s labs in the US.
Innovation, education and hearing preservation are central to Etymotic’s mission. Etymotic’s products are used by university researchers, hearing practitioners, hearing-impaired consumers, professional and amateur musicians, and others who demand superior sound quality. 
In 2018, Etymotic was acquired by Lucid Audio, effectively joining forces between two companies focused on innovating the best hearing solutions available. Lucid Audio has allowed for continued research and development to maintain the quality of our products. There are a variety of different brands under the Lucid Audio family with a single vision of furthering hearing healthcare advancements and developing quality consumer listening products.
We’re an engineering driven
team, creating product categories
that did not previously exist.

Etymotic’s engineers are leaders in product development for the ear and have developed 100+ patents. We work to assess, improve and protect people’s hearing from infancy to old age.
100+ Patents
• Insert earphones for audiometry and ABR
• Otoacoustic emissions instrumentation
• Directional microphones
• Custom Musicians Earplugs
• Electronic earplugs for musicians and military/tactical personnel
• High-fidelity, noise-isolating in-ear earphones
• K-AMP circuitry, Class D amplifiersEtymotic

Etymotic(意思是 true to the ear)是一家以工程为导向的研究、开发和制造公司。Mead Killion 博士与 MBA(工商管理硕士)Edwin DeVilbiss 一起创立了 Etymotic。1983 年设计 研究仪器,准确检测和评估听力损失

凭借深厚的声学研究和助听器行业,Etymotic 于 1984 年发明了插入式耳机。第一个版本用于诊断测试和精确听觉研究(ER-1,2,3)。Etymotic 工程师 Steve Iseberg 生产了第一款使用平衡电枢驱动器 (即俗称的动铁式单元) 的隔音高保真入耳式耳机 ER-4(1991 年),它成为全球所有后续入耳式耳机和入耳式监听器的基础。从而创造了整个消费电子产品类别,并将这些扬声器确立为高清入耳式耳机的黄金标准。ER- 4 耳机仍在生产并且其左右声道平衡至 1 dB 以内。

创新、教育和听力保护是 Etymotic 使命核心。Etymotic 的产品被大学研究人员,听力从业者,听力受损的消费者,专业和业余音乐家以及其他需要卓越音质的人使用。2018 年,Etymotic 被 Lucid Audio 收购,有效地将两家公司联合起来,专注于创新最好的听力解决方案。Lucid Audio 允许继续进行研究和开发,以保持我们产品的质量。Lucid Audio 系列下有各种不同的品牌(其中就有 westone),其愿景是进一步推动听力保健的进步并开发优质的消费者听力产品。

拥有 100 多项专利, 有如下几个类别

  • 插入用于测听和 ABR 的耳机 • 耳声发射仪器
  • 定向麦克风
  • 定制音乐家耳塞
  • 音乐家和军事 / 战术人员的电子耳塞 • 高保真、隔音入耳式耳机
  • K-AMP 电路、D 类放大器


  • 如何正确佩戴

Etymotic Research – Earphone Insertion Video Guide – YouTube

  • 为何要正确佩戴

在 etymotic 包装里有一张显眼黄色的贴士,上面写着:


A deep seal in the ear canal is essential.If the eartips do not seal properly there will bee a loss of bass and outside sounds will ot be blocked adequately.Use the eartips that seal best.

我来给大伙翻译翻译,大概就是耳机深深地插入耳朵是必要的,(没有深入佩戴可能会出现耳机和耳道贴合得不够紧密,不够紧密就无法在耳道形成一个较为密闭的空间,耳道内空间漏气就会)没有低频并且没法隔离外界的声音, 最好用耳套使耳道密封。

  • 三节套的优点

有优异的隔音效果。Etymotic ER4 使用手册中宣称“三节套提供了平均 35dB 的隔音效果,这意味着能隔离 98% 的外界噪音,使用海绵套更是能达到平均 42dB 的隔音。”

降噪曲线Airpods Pro 降噪效果有多牛?专业数据化评测告诉你!- 杭州兆华电子股份有限公司 (crysound.com) 被动降噪因为主要是采用密闭隔绝耳道与外界的空气交流,长时间佩戴会造成耳内外压力不均衡,会略感不适,但是一般我们日常使用场景中不会出现这样的情况,大多时候都会因为突发事件打断,比如摘下耳机跟人交流。注意一个人听音乐如果连续达到 3H,就把耳机摘下来给耳朵透透气儿

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